Whether you are selling your home during the peak home buying season or not, following these simple tips can help you sell your home quickly, which you know is every seller’s dream.

1. Make a good first impression. Take the time upfront to create some curb appeal. If prospective buyers drive by and don’t like what they see on the outside, they aren’t likely to take the time to look at the inside. Make sure your lawn is well maintained, plant some flowers, paint the fence, replace the mailbox--whatever it takes to give the best possible first impression.

2. Consider what is in style and make appropriate updates. In addition to freshening up the outside, take some time to freshen up the inside. Update outdated fixtures, give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Making your home move-in ready will increase the likelihood of getting an offer.

3. Depersonalize your home. Remove family photos, religious or political items and help prospective buyers envision their family in your house. Make sure your home is clean and clear of clutter, having too much crammed into a space will make it seem smaller.

4. If you own pets, remove them. You don’t want prospective homebuyers to know that you have pets. They shouldn’t be able to smell them, see them or see their paraphernalia.

5. List it at the price you want. Don’t start the asking price higher, thinking doing so will provide you with more room to negotiate. An asking price that is higher than it should be will keep buyers away. Your first 30 days on the market are the most activity you will get, so show buyers you are serious about selling and list the house at a reasonable price.

6. Most homebuyers start their search online so make sure your house is listed online and that the listing is full of great pictures. The photos of your home will likely be a major factor when a potential homebuyer decides if they want to see your property. The better your photos, the more likely you are to get home buyers to schedule a viewing.

7. Be flexible about visits. The more flexible you are regarding days and times people can view your home, the more people will view your home. If you only allow viewings at certain times on certain days you are limiting the number of potential homebuyers that are going to see your property. You’ll also want to be sure that you leave when the house is being shown. Homebuyers don’t want you hovering over them while they look through your house.