~Wish you could enjoy the pleasure and flavors of growing your own herbs, but don’t have the space or the time to dedicate to an outdoor garden plot?  No problem, try growing your herbs indoors!  All you need is a sunny window, and you can do a bit of “gardening” all year round.

Many of your favorite herbs, like chives, mint, parsley and thyme can be grown inside, so read on to find out what you need to grow healthy herbs indoors.

Supplies You’ll Need

Location, location, location.  Herbs need sunny conditions, so for the best results, select a window that received 6 hours of sunlight a day minimum. If possible, choose south-facing windows for your indoor gardening plot.
Containers.  Choose pots at least 6 inches across, and with holes in the bottom for drainage.  If you’re really strapped for time each week, try using larger pots.  The soil in larger pots dries out more slowly and can be watered less often.
Soil.  Use a potting or planting mix available at any garden store.
Herbs. Obviously!  The easiest herbs to grow inside are lemongrass, chives, mint, oregano, parsley and thyme, but basil and rosemary can also be grown inside with a bit of extra care.  Tip: try buying seedlings to plant instead of starting from seed if you’re just starting.

Caring for Your Herbs

Water.  Herbs prefer well-drained soil, so it’s important not to overwater.  Try checking the soil moisture level by inserting your finger 1 inch into the soil before you water.
Fertilizing.  Use a liquid fertilizer at half strength once a month to keep your plants healthy.
Rotate plants weekly to encourage even growth.
Keep your herbs from touching the window to prevent their leaves from freezing or burning.

When it comes time to harvest your herbs, cut off up to a third of the plant, focusing on the oldest stems first.  This will promote growth and increase the flavor of new leaves.  Growing your own herbs can take a bit of work, but is definitely a rewarding process, so get growing!